I remember I was 12 years old on a cold day in March when our mother instructed my sister and me to come straight home after school and not visit our father at the hospital. We thought it was strange that she gave no explanation. We always looked forward to spending time with our father while doing homework and waiting for our mother to meet us after she finished work. 

Later that day, our mother revealed to us our father passed away. He had brain cancer and was only 38 years old. It felt like a part of me died with him that day. I believe my sister, just short of her tenth birthday, suffered even more than me. Thankfully, we didn't give up our faith. Instead, we grew closer as a family and I began to search for answers from God. I wanted protection from life threatening diseases and anything else that could harm me. I wanted protection for my family, friends and anyone else I could reach.

So, many years later while sitting in my patrol car taking a lunch break and reflecting about God, it occurred to me that my search had ended. God gave me the answers I needed to receive his protection against diseases and bodily harm. The next morning I notified my superiors and submitted the necessary paperwork for early retirement from the New Jersey State Police and prepared for my new calling in life. 

On October 28, 2007, I was ordained by the late Reverend Dr. Ronald B. Christian of Christian Love Baptist Church in Irvington, N.J. to minister and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All thanks and glory be to God! I have been joyfully serving God and his people ever since.


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